Ok I need a thesaurus or dictionary or something to describe the name of these dividers … Things … Help!

I’ve always admired these planters / parking posts for the lovely contrast between the black colored planters and the fire red of the lovely succulents. I think it’s a nice way to add some color to otherwise uninteresting parking lot posts. And remember, very low maintenance!




Special Edition Guest Starring my dog Spooky sniffing a planter of course…

(According to my husband these planters / parking dividers are called ‘posts’ so I’m going with that!)


Well this is not exactly a hedge… What would Debra Lee Baldwin call it… I’m sure the Succulent Queen Extraordinaire would have the right name for these … erm… tall planters…





This was taken in a home that was very recently remodeled. Sort of a quick-made-to-order arrangement by the landscape artist. Can’t wait for the plants to grow and look a little less ‘organized’. Succulents are great for arrangements where repetition is key, but I personally like a wilder look to them. Some rocks or pieces of dry wood would’ve also been a nice touch to make it look a bit more natural. But this is not my garden so I’ll simply enjoy the arrangement as it is!

I walk by this house almost everyday so it’ll be fun to see how they evolve…

These below are also at a newer home in my neighborhood. They tore down the old house and built a more modern looking home, and I was glad to see their garden also included some succulents




I just saw this while out walking
The cactus in front of the porch is Huge! And the obviously take good care of their garden


Here’s the cactus I’m talking about


And here’s a planter with a lot of ‘chubby’ succulents I gotta look up the right name for it’



I should go back tomorrow to get better. Photos of the succulents in the planter!

Obviously I still need to learn a lot of names, someday!

I’ve seen more and more of these arrangements during the last years, they are very popular and at the same time they must be very convenient and economical for the store owner.


These were outside a local coffee shop, and it was a great contrast to the restaurant beside it, which had plenty if planters outside too, but all of their plants were sadly dead.


One more reason why I love these little plants, they require much less attention than most seasonal plants.


And they also had two of these very tall pots, they don’t take up much space yet really add some charm to this tiny spot on the sidewalk. My husband took these photos, good job!



We found this wonderful succulent filled fountain at the local Buddhist temple, it’s a really fun idea and in water conscious California, very smart too.

At the very top were the ‘String of Pearls’ senecio rowleyanus variety, giving the impression of actual drops of water cascading down the fountain, how clever!

It seemed like the whole thing had been recently put together and we didn’t expect to find it among the redwoods. What a pleasant surprise –

On the bottom left you can also see a wonderful echeveria gibboflora var. carunculata I don’t think I’ ever seen one before, it had a beautiful purple punk tone.


They also had a great bed of echeverias by the main prayer wheel, I never realized they kind of look like lotuses!



Looks like I took this at the wrong angle! Doesn’t do justice to the great collection of cactus and succulents in this garden. Better luck next time and I hope I get better at capturing these gorgeous gardens!
At least the barrel cactus came out well since it was up front.



Blue senecio contrasts very well with other succulents in this simple arrangement, I haven’t had great success with this plant but looks great here!

Potted succulents create a distinct look. Two large pots placed beside the entrance draw attention to the differences in textures and colors. They require minimal attention yet create a colorful addition to this deck. The rocks beside the tall pot also add to the natural, uncomplicated look of this arrangement. A great idea to try if you have a wooden, brick or cement deck such as this one.







Family of succulents found nestled among rocks in a private garden, some in bloom with delicate pink and yellow offshoot flowers. Beautiful in the evening light.